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Get started

The upbb installation is managed full automatic. Befor starting your installation, please read below.
Keep a blank copy of the archive which you just downloaded, you will need it in case of failure of your automatic installation.
1 - If not already done, unzip the contents of the archive you just downloaded into any folder on your computer using a decompression utility such as (WinZip, WinRAR).
2 - Using an FTP client (FlashFXP, FileZilla, SmartFTP) or a file manager of your choice, upload the forum folder and install folder to your web server. Place them at the root of your server. This is very important.
3 - Visit the following URL: http(s)://www.your-website.tld/install
4 - Let the installation wizard guide you, making sure you have the following information at your fingertips:
4.1 - You must have the login credentials so that upbb can connect to your database.

  • MySQL username
  • Mysql password
  • Database name
  • Hostname of your MySQL server.

4.2 - The folder that will contain the files of the forum, is by default: forum.
4.3 - The name and the URL of your website.
4.4 - During the installation process, you will need to create your initial master administrator account.

5 - Once the installation is complete, the script will overwrite the Install folder automatically for you. For added security, even after the installation is finished, you notice that the Install folder exists and even if it is empty, you need to remove it manually.
6 - During the installation process, if you receive messages on the CHMOD of the files. You must chmod the file in question.
7 - Once the installation is complete, you will be automatically redirected to the Administration Control Panel (A-Panel) to configure your forum.
8 - You can create as many administrators as you want. There is no limit. You can create as many moderators as you want. There is no limit.
8.1 - Only one master administrator is allowed.
9 - Congratulations, you should now have a functional upbb copy on your web server.
10 - Enjoy.!

Important ..!
For any available updates you will be notified by e-mail (registered member only).