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Frequently Asked Questions (Faq)

It is no easier than to create an account on forum open-bbs.
1- Click on the register link in the menu bar.
2- fill in the informations requested in the form.
3- Go to your email box and click on the confirmation link in the message.
4- Your account is activated automatically.

You can register with any username you want except:
1- Inappropriate username
2- username reserved by the administrator.

There are three reasons why you will not receive the email confirmation message.
1- First of all, check your "junk mail" folder. Maybe it’s in it.
2- You should have made an error in your email when registering.
3- Some free mail providers do not properly block or filter incoming messages.
4- If you are not in the above cases, then try to connect on the forum, the script automatically detects your rank and gives you the hand to ask for another message to be sent.

We suggest you register with an email address: @gmail, @yahoo or @msn.

Absolutely, the forum is coded for those who are limited in programming knowledge.

Once you have confirmed your email and each time you log in to the forum you are directed to your UCP dashboard (user control panel).
Start by customizing your profile, including changing your avatar by choosing a profile photo. If you don’t, the script will assign you a default avatar
In your dashboard, you will find all the information you have already provided on the forum.
For any changes to your profile, you must enter your current password.

Yes, you can change your email address as many times as you wish.
If you do, you must confirm your new email address with each modificaTion.

There are two ways to view a profile.
1- View your own profile.
2- View another member’s profile.
On the forum open-bbs, it is considered that the personal information is private, therefore no one can consult them even the forum administrator.
However, other information about the member’s activity on the forum can be accessed by other members.
Among the personal data, in this case the email address is subject to preference of the member.
The member can return his email address:
1- Private: no one can see their email address.
2- Friend: The email address can only be accessed by friends.
3- Public: all members of the forum can consult the email address.
It is up to the member to decide how his email address can be accessed.

1- It’s very simple, if you break the rules of the forum, you are banned.
2- If you are a subject in any report from another member, the administrator can suspend your account.
Spam: Members who practice spam or who do not contribute any more to the open-bbs community except to broadcast of commercial link or affiliation must end with a blocked account.
Fake accounts: Fake accounts compromise the security of open-bbs and the security of our users' accounts. These types of accounts do not generally comply with our rules. Unfortunately, it happens that a person’s legitimate account is suspended by mistake. In this case, we will contact them to cancel the suspension of the account.

1- You can automatically recover your account after the expiry of the ban period imposed on you by the administrator.
2- You can create another account with a different email address than the previous one.

No problem, log in with your valid credentials and your account will be restored automatically.
If the automatic operation fails, contact the administrator.

1- Access your account.
2- Click Delete My Account.
3- A message will inform you that you are about to delete your account.
4- Confirm the removal if you are sure.
5- If you delete your account, you will not be able to access the forum unless after revalidation of your email.

Private messages are the messages you exchange with your friends on the forum. Private messages are not visible on the forum. You will find your private messages in your internal email box.
While the post is visible on the forum even forum visitors can see your posts.

How many friends can I create on the forum?

1- You must be logged in.
2- Locate yourself on the appropriate forum.
3- Click on new topic at the top right of the page or at the bottom right.
4- On the writing form write your question.
5- Submit the form.
6- No further instructions except to wait for replies from forum members.

1- In the topic you are on, click reply either at the top of the page or at the end of the page.
2- Write your response.
3- Validate the form.
Simple...! No?

If you don’t see your answer in the response feed, it means that the admin has set up the topic and post display only after moderation.

1- You must be logged in.
2- You must own the post.
3- The topic on which a discussion is opened can only be deleted by a moderator or administrator.
4- If this is an ordinary post, you can delete it from the topic in which you posted the reply. 5- However, to edit your post, you only have to click on the edit button which is always side by side to the delete button in the topic in question.

On all pages of the forum and in the footer section you will find a link: "Report of abuse".
Click on it and let us know.
copy/paste the link of the page in question into the form you send us.
To report us, you must be logged in.

Can I post in the annoncement forums?

It’s very simple.
1- Go to the search page, submit your keyword.
2- If your topic is already covered, you will see the result in the search response page.

Yes, you can change and configure your forum as you see fit.
All configurable forum options are found in the admin dashboard.

I can’t get the forum online after a maintenance.

If you do not change the name of the folder that contains the open-bbs files and that is "forum", then your link is as follows:
Add the link above in the menu bar of your website.

If you are not experienced, you do not need to touch or change anything.
all pages of the open-bbs forum have a link to your website regardless of your domain name.

For the moment, it is a bit difficult, since one cannot know how is schematized the table of members of all the websites that exist on the web. It’s like looking for a sand seed in a huge desert.
The solution is that you have to get a developer to do that.

1- Make the effort to post your question in the right place. 2- Do not post the same question in multiple forums. 3- Clearly explain your problem.
4- Correct your spelling.
5- Do not post a topic without content. 6- When browsing the forum, give notes to the members you like. Some members have quality in their responses wenn they reply to other members.

We did our best to answer all the questions that our community might ask, but there is always a but and there will always be a but.
We invite you to contact us if your question remains unanswered.

NB: Any update in our faq, you wil find it in this page.